What is PeopleCORE

PeopleCore Human Resource Management Information System


PeopleCore System is a web-based application with fully integrated components and functions that allow organization to fully automate critical Human Resource Management functions. The enterprise solution consists of the following major components:

HR Administration – This component allows HR management and staff to manage and administer HR processes and operations such as recruitment, 201 records management, benefits, attendance, payroll, competency, performance, training, health, and employee relations.

Employee Services (Self-service) – The system enables employees to access personal information and online forms and avail of HR services online. In combination with the Managerial Services component, this component enable organization to operate in a paperless environment.

Managerial Services (Self service) – This component is intended to extend HR services to Managers and Supervisors by allowing online transactions and services such as inquiry, application, and approval. 

Applicant Services – This component provides an online application form which can be made accessible through the organization's portal or kiosk. These services will eliminate tedious data encoding of applicant information and allows the organization to have a good source of applicant pool for future opportunities.